By  The Huffington Post. Australia, along with most other countries in the world, will be participating in an April 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the world drug problem, to review decades of progress on the international drug situation. However, what is not so clear is what position Australia will be taking. In recent years, there has appeared to be an overriding principle of simply avoiding any controversy, with many countries privately lamenting the lack of willingness of Australia to engage in the debate or assume its previously highly regarded leadership position.

Given that many countries are talking seriously about the need to change the international treaties, and the abject failure of a law-enforcement approach for addressing drug use, the pressure will be on Australia to decide if it remains in the small band of countries (usually led by Russia, China, Iran & Saudi Arabia) fighting a ‘war on drugs’ or becomes part of the growing movement for change, which even includes the USA these days.

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