By The International Drug Policy Consortium. The IDPC Drug Policy Guide brings together global evidence, best practice and experiences to provide expert analysis across the spectrum of drug policy.

Each chapter of the Guide introduces a specific policy challenge or principle, and presents advice and recommendations to promote effective, balanced and humane drug policies at the national, regional and international levels:

  • Chapter 1 describes the five core policy principles to which all IDPC members agree as the basis for our collective advocacy work
  • Chapter 2 outlines the key issues related to public health – from scheduling and access to essential medicines, to drug prevention, harm reduction and treatment services.
  • Chapter 3 offers guidance on the criminal justice system – including alternatives to incarceration, proportionate sentencing, regulated markets and decriminalisation, as well as policies in prisons.
  • Chapter 4 finally turns to development, alternative livelihoods and the rights of indigenous groups.

This analysis has been made possible through the contributions from many IDPC members – including networks of key affected populations – and is the only document of its kind to provide such a broad and comprehensive investigation of what works and what doesn’t in drug control policies.

Download the report… 


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