By General Assembly of the United Nations. The General Assembly decided in its Resolution 69/200, that the UNGASS 2016 would have an inclusive preparatory process that includes extensive substantive consultations, allowing organs, entities and specialized agencies of the United Nations system, relevant international and regional organizations, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to fully contribute to the process, in accordance with relevant rules of procedure and established practice.

To that end, an Informal Interactive Stakeholder Consultation for the UNGASS 2016 was held on 10 February 2016 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The Consultation was an opportunity for all relevant stakeholders to contribute further to the ongoing preparatory process for UNGASS 2016 by sharing practical expertise and experiences from their work on the ground as an input for consideration by Member States in the negotiations of the outcome document. It also presented an opportunity for stakeholders to prepare for their contributions to the interactive multi-stakeholder round tables at UNGASS.

This report by the President of the General Assembly is a summary of key themes from the Informal Interactive Stakeholder Consultation in Support of the Preparatory Process for the UNGASS.

Download the report… 


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