By Alejandro Hope for El Daily Post. A moment of candor. On Tuesday, during a forum on marijuana policy, Interior Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio made a forceful statement against the so-called war on drugs, initiated under the administration of President Felipe Calderón (2006-2012). He claimed that “an unprecedented spike in violence” had come as a result of “a wrong diagnostic and a poorly designed strategy”. Now, that may or may not be true. But here’s the thing: the current administration has adopted (with gusto) the strategy of its predecessor. For all the talk of change, most of the key components of the Calderón strategy are still in place:

1. The Peña Nieto administration is still using the armed forces for law enforcement purposes. There are no recent numbers, but probably 40-45,000 soldiers and marines are still deployed across the country doing policing work. In a state like Tamaulipas, law and order is maintained almost exclusively by the Army and the Navy. Likewise for Guerrero and, to some extent, Michoacán.

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