By Steve Rolles (

Note from the Chair

The Liberal Democrat party, having decided to further develop their policy on cannabis regulation, convened an independent panel to make recommendations on policy design. The panel, made up of leading experts in drug policy and law with a longstanding interest in issues related to cannabis, was specifically asked to make recommendations for how best to deliver a regulated cannabis market in the UK, taking into account established models in other jurisdictions, as well as wider experience with regulation of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The panel met for three half-day workshops in London between November 2015 and January 2016, with additional discussions and work on the draft recommendations taking place by email correspondence.

Editorial control over this report and its recommendations rests solely with the panel members. The panel have expressed a desire to see the report usefully inform policy development more broadly and confirm that they would consider requests for advice on the topic of cannabis policy from any political party.

Participation of members of the panel has been on a purely voluntary basis, except to cover appropriate travel costs in order to attend the meetings. We would like to thank Chatham House for hosting the panel meetings, George Murkin (from Transform) for editorial support, and Rosie Shimell (an employee of the Liberal Democrats) who acted as secretariat and meeting coordinator.

Steve Rolles

Link to the report…


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