By  for The Spectator. I covered another stabbing the other day, a particularly nasty one this time. An 18-year-old was repeatedly knifed in the stomach and beaten over the head with a baseball bat. Witnesses told me he’d been outside his mum’s tower-block flat in Islington, north London, when he was rushed by a group of about ten or 15 boys. He suffered serious head injuries and multiple stab wounds and was soon in hospital in a medically induced coma. By some miracle, he survived.

Who would have committed such a brutal and pointless crime? A source told me police believed the attackers to be from two London gangs: the Hoxton N1 gang, whose turf is east of Kings Cross, and the Cally Boys, named for the Caledonian Road, which runs from Kings Cross north to Holloway. These two are locked in a violent rivalry over drug turf with another gang, Easy Cash, from London’s EC1 postcode, which is where the attack took place. The victim woke up, but he wouldn’t talk. As is so often the case, he abided by the code of the streets: never grass. He refused even to give a statement to police.

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