By  Kathleen Frydl for Alternet. We learn of a new tragic data point in the country’s struggle to confront opioid addiction on a weekly basis. As the Centers for Disease Control recentlyacknowledged, the U.S. in in the midst of an “an epidemic of drug overdose (poisoning) deaths.” In receipt of this information, a number of politicians have shared their own family narratives of struggles with addiction, and even more have stepped forward with new plans to expand access to treatment and increase criminal penalties for trafficking in illicit drugs.

Yet no one has made the case for meaningful drug reform.

As should be clear at this point, it is not for want of resources, conviction or additional penalties that the nation’s war on drugs has failed. It is doomed to failure because of its own flawed premise, yet those in support of the drug war’s logic remain as undisturbed by this latest “reform” wave as the prodigious illicit drug production of criminal syndicates unperturbed by law enforcement.

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