By Alejandro Hope for El Daily Post. Seeing green. Big week for marijuana. Today, the Interior Secretariat will launch its series of hearings on marijuana in the resort town of Cancún. Yesterday, Congress did likewise in a less appealing, but more formal setting (the Chamber of Deputies). And yes, I was there in my role as honorary member of the Technical Council on Regulatory Alternatives for Marijuana (something resembling a blue-ribbon commission). Here are my initial impressions:

1. Marijuana is creating a lot of interest among public opinion, but not so much in Congress. Counting senators and deputies (this is a bicameral undertaking, after all), there were probably not more than 20 legislators present for the initial hearing. Maybe that will change in subsequent events, but I somehow doubt it.

2. There seems to be some traction for a limited medical marijuana program, probably focused on facilitating imports of some products made from cannabinoids. That, of course, would be good for some patients and their families, but it would hardly make a dent on the illegal market.

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