By Max Daly for Vice. In anticipation of the upcoming fourth season of our HBO show, which will premiere February 5 at 11 PM, we are releasing all of season three for free online along with updates to the stories. Today’s installment follows up on a dispatch called “Lines in the Sand,” which explored the cocaine highway running from Venezuela through Africa.

Cocaine’s route from the jungles of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru to the cash cow that is the European drug market is continuing to mutate and flourish amid the war on drugs.

Over the past decade, the narrative has been about the emergence of a new route into Europe’s back door, from Colombia to West Africa and overland through the Sahara dessert up to the North African coast. In season three of VICE on HBO, Ben Anderson explored the trips narcotics take from South America through Africa and met up with smugglers as well as a DEA special agent who explained the routes and how they operate.


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