By Christopher Ingraham for The Washington Post. Federal drug control efforts have failed to meet any goals to curb illegal drug use and related deaths set five years ago, new testimony from the Government Accountability Office concludes.

In 2010, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), the White House office that oversees all drug control spending, set a number of ambitious goals to guide drug policy during the Obama administration. The agency planned 10 percent to 15 percent reductions in monthly drug use among teenagers and adults, overall chronic drug use, drug-induced death and disease, and drugged driving rates.

This year is the deadline for achieving these targeted reductions. And while official data for this year won’t be available for some time, the latest available data strongly suggest that none of these goals will be achieved this year, according to the GAO and the ONDCP. On a number of them, no progress has been made. On several, the indicators have gotten worse. Overall, the GAO found that the federal government has only made progress on one of the goals– the overall rate of teen drug use.

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