By The INCB.

Implementation of a comprehensive, integrated and balanced approach to addressing the world drug problem 

Different dimensions of the world drug problem affect countries in diverse ways, to the extent that not only is the problem perceived differently but it can also have a different impact in each country. Since the 1990s, all political declarations, action plans and resolutions adopted under the auspices of the United Nations to address the world drug problem in general have identified the following prerequisites for successful action in tackling the drug phenomenon: full compliance with, and universal application of, the provisions of the three international drug control conventions; and the implementation of two fundamental principles, namely common and shared responsibility and a comprehensive, integrated and balanced approach to addressing it. None of these elements represents an incitement to an undefined “war on drugs”, nor do any of them impose a purely prohibitionist regime or in any way condone violations of human rights. The ultimate goal of the international drug control conventions is the health and welfare of humankind. However, the Board has identified, and continues to identify various gaps and challenges in implementing the international drug conventions. In response, the Board has made recommendation in order to assist Member States with the implementation of balanced and comprehensive approach, which encompasses the following elements: the availability of internationally controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes, the adoption of demand reduction, treatment and rehabilitation measures, supply reduction initiatives, the integration of socioeconomic and sociocultural aspects in the design of drug control measures and the maintenance of security and stability.

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