By Alejandro Hope for El Daily Post.

High Court. Next week, the Mexican Supreme Court will consider a case that could potentially signify a major shift in Mexico’s marijuana policy. El Daily Post explains: “On Oct. 16, Justice Arturo Zaldívar presented a legal recommendation to strike the legal restrictions against growing and possession of marijuana for personal use. Courtroom No. 1 is expected to vote on the presentation after the debate. Three of the five justices assigned to that courtroom must vote in favor to strike down the existing law. The case was originally taken to the Supreme Court by the Mexican Society for Tolerant and Responsible Personal Use (SMART). The society sought an injunction in 2013, asking the he Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (Cofepris) for permission “to exercise their rights related to personal use of marijuana, including planting, cultivating, harvesting, preparing, treating, possessing, transporting, using and any other act related to the recreational and personal use thereof.”… Zaldívar’s draft argues that there is no good reason that personal consumption of marijuana should be criminalized.”

Now wait a second. Before anyone gets excited, it should be noted that a) it’s still unclear whether the draft prepared by Justice Zaldivar will be approved, and b) any ruling on this case would have extremely limited legal and practical consequences:

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