By  for BuzzFeed. Certain compounds in cannabis have serious medical potential for everyone from cancer patients to children suffering from seizures. But patients and parents have no way to distinguish the snake oil salesmen from the trustworthy companies.

Annette Maughan was hoping for a miracle when her package of Real Scientific Hemp Oil finally arrived in the mail.

It was May 2014, and it had been almost a year since she’d first heard about cannabis as a potential treatment for epilepsy, from the mother of another boy in her son’s class at a special-needs school just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. Maughan’s 12-year-old son, Glenn, whom everyone calls Bug, is blue-eyed, strawberry blonde, and autistic. During the day, Bug was silent, unable to talk. At night, when he was asleep, his body and his voice would betray him.

“It always starts the same way: a scream, guttural and unmistakable,” Maughan said. “He locks up, every limb on his little body. His arms and legs start convulsing so hard, and his eyes roll back.”

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