By Daniel Peña for The Guardian. The Mexican government has stood by as the country has seen more than 164,000 civilian deaths, 20,000 people go missing and over 70 journalists and media workers killed on its own turf since the drug war’s inception in 2006. But none of those deaths and disappearances made the protection of Mexican citizens a priority for the president. Apparently, it took the deaths of Mexican tourists in the Wahat region of Egypt’s western desert to do that.

President Peña-Nieto has the gumption to ask the Egyptian government this week “to perform an exhaustive investigation” looking into the reasons why Egyptian forces air raided and killed twelve tourists, eight of which were Mexican nationals, after allegedly mistaking them for terrorists. While an investigation is certainly called for, there’s a certain irony in Mexico acting concerned about the death of its citizens abroad as it is not doing enough to investigate municipal officials and police who are accused of actively facilitating the death of its own citizens and covering up these deaths.

The killings in Egypt come at a time when the president is managing the fallout of his own sham investigation surrounding the murders of 43 rural students in Iguala last year. This is on top of the still pending investigations concerning last year’s Tlatlaya massacre as well as the recent killings of journalists Nadia Vera and Rubén Espinosa in Mexico City’s Narvarte neighborhood this year.

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